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The Steampunk Airship La Marianne is a lifestyle airship. We believe Steampunk and other genre punk are inherently political. Airship La Marianne works towards creating a punk subculture that supports individual self-expression opposed to mainstream consumerism and politics. This philosophy is incorporated into the crew’s individual lifestyles and worldviews; it is not a mindset adopted for Steampunk functions and abandoned upon departure.

While we acknowledge that there are some benefits to some mass-production, our Airship supports Do It Yourself (DIY) whenever possible and practical. As an extension of this we support independent artists as well as independent and cooperative economic enterprises rather than feeding the global corporate machine.

Though we identify ourselves as a Steampunk airship our membership is not limited to just steampunks. Along with Steampunk, we accept and support individuals who are interested in the lifestyle all of the -punk genres such as Renpunk, Dieselpunk, Cyberpunk, Atomicpunk, Biopunk and others.

Airship La Marianne exists to provide support to its members, as well those outside the Airship, through mutual aid and cooperation.

We celebrate and welcome the great diversity of the human race. Airship La Marianne accepts and celebrates individual differences such as race, color, sex, gender, (including gender identity and expression), pregnancy, religion, creed, marital status, partnership status, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.

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Coming Soon

Airship meeting is right around the corner!!!!

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“Frankly, the heaviest guys in the steampunk scene are not really all that into “steam.” Instead, they are into punk. Specifically, punk’s do-it-yourself aspects and its determination to take the means of production away from big, mind-deadening companies who want to package and sell shrink-wrapped cultural product.” Quote from Bruce Sterling’s essay “The Users Guide to Steampunk.” 

Dallas All-Con 2011

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The theme this year for Dallas All-Con 2011 of March 18 – 20 was Steampunk so, of course, Airship La Marianne was there. We had a great time. The fantastic Steampunk band Marquis of Vaudeville put on a wonderful concert on Saturday night. Covenant of the Kraken did numerous excellent panels on Steampunk subjects. In addition, the every creative and talented Airship Nocturne was there showing off their wonderful gadgets.

Why Steampunk Needs Punk

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Our Airship member Audelia Flint recently posted a fantastic commentary on her blog, Trial by Steam, concerning the importance of “Punk” in Steampunk. Our Airship formally endorses Audelia’s Flint post as a public statement on this matter. For this reason we’re reproducing her post in full here on our site.

“Why Steampunk Needs Punk” by Audelia Flint

Recently Diana Vick, the co-chair for Steamcon, published an article entitled “‘Seven Steampunk Fallacies,” a discussion on preconceived notions of what Steampunk is and is not. There are aspects of the article with which I agree: Steampunks in general do not take themselves terribly seriously and not everything with a retrofuturistic twist can be considered Steampunk.

However, there is one of her points that I vehemently disagree with: that Steampunk does not need “punk.”

I’ve long advocated for the notion that the -punk in Steampunk is not a powerless suffix. It is integral to the way that I view and live Steampunk and the backbone of Steampunk philosophy and lifestyle.

Without the Punk in Steampunk, Steampunk is nothing but an aesthetic. It becomes impossible to be a Steampunk without your Steampunk clothes, your Steampunk art, or your Steampunk house. For those who live Steampunk, it is about more than the things you own; it’s a counter-cultural mindset that welcomes rebellion from the mainstream and rejects passive living.

Without the Punk in Steampunk, we deny our own historical roots. The Victorian Era was a revolutionary period in the course of human history. Discovery and the questioning of established orders, beliefs, and political systems marked the era. This plunge into the seemingly limitless expanse of discovery and change is what birthed the science fiction that frames today’s Steampunk. As a subculture, Steampunk carries on in that revolutionary and indomitable spirit by refusing to submit to the status quo and question the mainstream.

Without the Punk in Steampunk, we would lose our cultural focus on the Maker culture that supports individual artisans, musicians, and makers. Steampunk promotes a genuine relationship between creator and consumer. The value on handmade and individually produced items, whether you make them yourself or you buy them through an independent artist is a counter-cultural idea in today’s world of mass produced garbage. Without that Punk mentality, it would become okay to buy your Steampunk gear from Wal-Mart, Hot Topic, and other corporations that are good at replicating the look, but not the spirit, of Steampunk and by doing so, shirk accountability and ownership of your own movement.

Without the Punk in Steampunk, we become nothing more than reenactors or Neo-Victorians. Punk allows us to look back on the Victorian era without feeling the need to replicate everything from the period. It allows Steampunk women to be whatever and whoever they want to be. It allows for the open expression of one’s own gender or racial identities. It breaks free of the conservative mindset and sensibilities of the Victorians. The Victorian Era informs but does not define Steampunk.

Without the Punk in Steampunk, our subculture has no meaning, no purpose, and no opinion about our world

Airship Meeting and Party

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On February 5th, 2011 at 6 pm we’re going to have an Airship meeting to take care of important business and to throw a party for our good captain before she leaves.

New Years Eve Party!

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Welcome Home Captain Flint!

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The crew will get together to celebrate the return of our dear captain from her away mission to Steamcon II in Seattle on Friday night, 11/25/2010.

Dreden Dolls Update

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The airship crew had a great time last night (11/19/2010) at the Dresden Dolls concert, which took place at the Grenada Theater in Dallas, Texas. The theater was packed and it wouldn’t surprise us if the show was sold out.  Below is a photograph of the theater as we were in the very long line to get in.

Both Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione were outstanding! The concert started around 10:30 and didn’t end until about 1 am with an amazing encore by the Dolls.

The crew of the Airship La Marianne would like to give our thanks to Amanda and Brian for such a great show!

Dresden Dolls Concert

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Our next main event will be a Friday, November 19th when the Airship crew goes to see the Dresden Dolls in concert at the Grenada Theater.

New Crew Members!

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Airship La Marianne is proud to welcome it’s new members. It’s great to have you with us on our journey.