Steampunk Illumination Society Meeting V

This afternoon, the airship announced our foundation to all those in attendance at the fifth meeting of the Steampunk Illumination Society at Crystal’s Pizza in Irving, TX.

Captain Flint addressed all those gathered and gave a brief description of the airship and our mission. After which, the crew mingled and enjoyed the company of our fellow Steampunks. To see pictures from the event, please check out the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are now accepting applications for all those interested in joining our crew. You can download the application here. Please feel free to email the application to so2001[@], or hand deliver your application to Quartermaster Larry Amyett.


3 Responses to “Steampunk Illumination Society Meeting V”

  1. Professor VonRook Says:

    My crew and I have decided that we will join the La Marianne as our flag ship. We are a science vessel with the primary job of discovering and researching the paranormal. Airship name: The Eon Raven.

    If you’ll have us. We are filling out the paper work now.

    — Professor VonRook

  2. Professor,

    We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application! Have a good evening.

    -Captain Flint

  3. Welcome, Professor and crew of Eon Raven.
    ~ Quartermaster Amyett

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